FIVE great opportunities to go deeper with God and spend time with each other in our August Bible Month.

What is bible month?

Four evenings of informative, thought provoking seminars running from 7.30-8.45pm, each with plenty of opportunity for discussion and interaction as we explore the course of our choice.  At 8.45pm each evening coffee and biscuits will be served in the tunnel.

Where will it be?

At Crossroads Church, 260 Church St., Palmerston North

When will it happen?

Wednesdays  8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of August.

What are the course options?


Option 1


The extraordinary message of scripture.  Engage with the story of God in our world, in Jesus and the gospel in a deeper, more invigorating but challenging way.  Identify the key events, symbols and understandings from the Old Testament that take us into a greater appreciation of the person and ministry of Jesus in the New.


Option 2


Often understanding and unpacking the scriptures seems overwhelming to us, where do we start, how do we understand and apply God’s word? Though the inductive approach of observing, interpreting and applying the scriptures we’ll learn practical ways to unearth the treasure of God’s word for us today.


Option 3


Jesus’ seven “signs” in John’s gospel reveal an extraordinary king who changes people’s lives for good. What does this King and his radical kingdom promise to 21st century people like us? What do these signs mean for our world today? This course focuses on the seven signs in the gospel of John as a way to hear the evangelist’s profound message to human beings everywhere.



Option 4

PAUL TO TIMOTHY AND TITUS - Ian Reid and Ruby Porter

Who were Paul, Timothy and Titus and what do they have to say to us today?  These three were some of the most influential people in setting up patterns for how churches should be shaped, what we believe and how we live together in community.  Come and find out why they were so important, what they had to say in their own time, why that was controversial and how it impacts how we live



BOOKS OF HISTORY - Isaac Pettersen

Diving into the rich living history of the Old Testament Historical books, full of intriguing characters. The historical books are more than just a reminder for the Jews of their past, but rather powerful stories that help us better understand God’s plan for humanity, and help us better understand ourselves.



How do I sign up?

Choose and indicate on the form above.

Please note you sign up for one option for the 4 weeks, not dodge around between the different ones.  Registration is essential so we may allot appropriate areas of the Crossroads complex for each Option.  Please complete the REGISTER HERE form at the top of the page or a sign up sheet from the Information Desk in the foyer on a Sunday or the Church Office during the week by Sunday 5th of August at the very latest.  Thanks.

**Available space may limit numbers at some options so it will be first registered gets it!

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself, a Bible, notebook and pen