CrossTrain Ministry

Helping those who wish to follow Jesus Christ understand,  implement and communicate their faith.

The CrossTrain team strives to bring the Crossroads Vision to life by passionately encouraging Christians to be Fully Committed to Following Jesus through a deeper understanding God's Word, its practical application in our day-to-day lives, and using it to Actively Share His love and Serve Others.

We seek to support both new followers of Jesus and those who simply want a better understanding of God's Word through Discipleship - as expressed in the Bible. It is our passion is to walk alongside, teach, and link individual Christians with the best materials and opportunities for them to become a more committed follower of Jesus Christ.

The CrossTrain team recognize that people learn through a range of activities, including group work, individual study and interactive activities. With this in mind, we intentionally seek the guiding of the Lord Jesus in order to be responsive to individuals needs and, like Jesus, meet them where they are at.

New Christians

For new Christians, this process usually starts with an Alpha Course and progresses to My First Steps and the Come Follow Me Series. The latter two are Omega Discipleship Ministry Series', and provide simple but practical help to help a Christian to begin applying the Bible in their everyday walk with God.

Current Running Classes: Monday Night Live

Commencing March 19 2018
Crossroads Church 220 Church Street, at 7.15pm

1. My First Steps | If you are...

  • Still seeking faith
  • A New Christian
  • Have always wanted to know more about being a Christian

2. Come Follow Me—Part 1 | If you...

  • Know you want to get into Gods word more
  • Are a Christian and have always wanted to study Gods Word
  • Want to study the Bible in a small group environment
  • You think you are doing OK

3. Come Follow Me—Part 2 | If you...

  • Are making strides as disciples
  • Extending and stretching your faith
  • Digging Deeper

4. Come Follow Me - Part 3 | If you

  • Wish to dig even deeper to follow on Part 2


Master Classes

CrossTrain also provides practical Seminars called Master Classes help with practical application to daily life covering topics like – ‘How to Pray’, ‘How to have a Quiet Time’, ‘How to Study the Bible’, ‘Dealing with Temptation’. We also offer seminars in SEED Discipleship (Simply Encouraging Everyone into Discipleship), a useful Mentoring option for those that want to meet regularly for spiritual encouragement over a verse or passage of scripture.

Special Topics

The CrossTrain Team may initiate specific, relevant Special Topics that are not covered in Sunday Morning services. For example, recently we have hosted a programme on Israel and another on Islam. Special Topics are usually held mid-week for a set number of weeks with registration required.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your own Discipleship needs please contact us and send an inquiry to the Crossroads Office. This will be passed onto the CrossTrain Team who will make contact with you.

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