A Note from Colin Day

During this first term, the Elders are encouraging our community to read through Mark's Gospel together.  150 pocket size copies of this Gospel available at the Info Desk if you would like.

We have also worked hard to put together a thought-provoking and enlightening reading plan and study. Those who have trialed it found it really helpful in adding depth to their understanding of Mark's writings.

You will find the introduction and first two chapters attached. You can also pick up a hard copy of these first chapters on Sunday at the Info Desk.

Printed and digital copies of the full version are also available. To obtain the study in its entirety:

  • Sign up at the Info Desk on Sunday and we will print you a copy the following week
  • Download it from the link above
  • or contact us here >>

I hope you find these notes help you understand Mark in a fresh and exciting way!