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LEGIT 2019

This year at Legit we’re going to go hundy and we’d love for you to go hundy with us! The only thing not hundy is the cost, so sign up below asap if you’d like to get that nice early bird price! Early Bird price ends July 31st!

Here is some details for you…

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is provided for you on Saturday, Breakfast & a takeaway lunch on Sunday. Bring along some home baking to share for morning tea, afternoon snacks and supper.

We know it’s not 5 star accommodation but it is pretty close (bunks style rooms for those of you who haven’t been before). So pack your bedding needs, including your pillow and don’t forget your Bible. We’re so looking forward to going hundy with you!

Earlier Event: July 21
Later Event: August 31
OASIS - The Joyful Wardrobe