Mainly Music

Friday 9:30am and 10:15am

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Children under the age of 4 love music and most love to dance, particularly if their parents join in. This is the heart of Mainly Music at Crossroads Church.

We create a fun creative space where children are encouraged to sing and dance to fun rhymes and songs along with their parent/s and heaps of other kids their age. During this special time they also experience using instruments, scarves and a large parachute.

Children and adults are given morning tea and adults can be free to chat later while their little people play. Kids that come to Mainly Music can’t wait to come back next week!

If you have not been to a Mainly Music and would like to experience it firsthand, you are welcome to visit either of the sessions. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list then let us know and we will take your information!

Learn more about the international programme: Mainly Music International

Contact us to find out more!