Parent Spot


A note from Donna

Crossroads Youth Pastor

I would like to firstly thank you for your continued support of CY. As a parent/caregiver, you are more than welcome to come along and check out what happens at CY.

Below you will find opportunities to connect, important safety messages, opportunities to volunteer, and a list of resources available to you as parents.

My desire is to help you as parents keep up with the latest trends and information relevant to teens. I am certainly not an expert, however, I often come across articles and information that may be helpful.

We can send this out to you via email or on the CY Parents Facebook page. If you would like to be informed via either medium, please email and we will sign you up.

If you have encouragement that we are on the right track or any suggestions on how CY can improve, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you or meet you!

Parent Connect Nights

Crossroads Church 7:45-9:15pm

In 2017 at our Parent Connect/Equip evenings we are going to be working through material from AXIS.                                 AXIS is a brilliant organisation keen to bridge the gap of culture, connection and heart between you and your teen. They have put together a series of videos to give you up-to-date information on the world shaping your teens from some of the world's most influential authors and Christian thought leaders

Curriculum includes:

1.       Teen Anthropology: What's Unique About Generation Z

2.       Building Resilient Kids

3.       Beauty, Porn, Identity & Cutting

4.       Reason and Our Teens

Parents Connect Calendar


4th August

18th August

1st September

15th September


Important Safety Message

No one is forced to stay at the CY programme against their will. However, to make sure everyone is safe we operate a 'sign-out' book. If students leave during the scheduled programme (between 8pm and 9pm) they are asked to record their name and contact details of a parent/caregiver so we have the option of contacting you and informing you that your child has left CY.
CY ends at 9.30pm and the Crossroads building is locked. We would appreciate you organising transportation to pick up your child before 9.30pm so that they do not have to wait around outside on the street.

CY has a large number of university students and adults who generously volunteer their time to make sure that CY is a safe and positive environment for all who attend. Several fathers of CY students conduct patrols around the Crossroads car park to provide security. In our efforts to encourage students to be mature and trustworthy citizens, CY strongly opposes violence or vandalism. Any teenagers caught abusing property or people are immediately removed from CY by our security team and may be referred to the police.

Want to volunteer?

We love to have parents helping out with security and in the kitchen as well having a general parent presence. A flexible roster operates to allow for forward planning. Email or give us a call at the youth office if you would like to know more (350 3596 or 357 6677).

Parent Resources


We have books on parenting teenagers available on loan and if you find them super-helpful we can get them for you at cheap prices.

These books include:
A Parents Guide to: Teenage Boys, Teenage Girls, Social Media, Sex & Dating, and Teenage Brains. Bold Parenting
We also have a number of resources to help answer parenting teen questions developed by The Parenting Place. These include;
- Teaching your teen to drive
- Online safety
- Teen parties
- Talking to your teens about love, sex, music and chatting online
- To snoop or not to snoop?
- Strategies for communicating with teenagers
- Planet puberty
- How to talk to your kids about sex
- Talking to your teens about alcohol, drugs, porn and the future
- Motivating your teen
Feel free to pop in any time to pick up these free brochures.